Golden Ways To Reach Long Lasting Happiness – A Happiness Definition

  The Quest for Happiness


Happiness Definition


Happiness definition

Many studies have been conducted to find out what people think about the Happiness. Most of them answered that happiness comes from money, fame and reaching our goals. But their answers are far from the reality. Money, fame, and goals are external factors. They are nothing to do with determining our Happiness. Being happy is one of the milestones in self-development.

The first step to live a happy life is understanding of what is Happiness, and understanding of what is unhappiness. By identifying and removing the factors which make a person unhappy is important. In fact, there is no shortcut for the true Happiness. We have to do hard work to reach it.In short, Happiness is an emotion which has to be felt.

We will identify the important things which make us unhappy.


Most of the Times, there is a big gap between our expectations and the actual result. This is the main reason for the unhappiness. It is very difficult to accept the result which is not expected. No one likes a gap in their expected result.This is the main source of unhappiness. This situation can be avoided by setting realistic goals which can be achieved easily. Lower expectation leads to higher satisfaction. In fact, people living in poorer countries live a happy life than people living in richer countries because their expectations are low.

Personal Choices

Today everyone has more choices. For example, one person wants to buy a new model TV. He has also bought the TV. After buying the TV, he sees a friend of him has a TV which is better than that of his TV. Now he feels bad and unhappy. This example is applicable to the car, House mobile, bike, etc. TV advertisements are also adding fuel to this fire. Whatever decision you make, try to stick with it. This is an ideal way to reach lasting happiness.


Comparision always leads to unhappiness. We feel our new house is better than that of our old house. This is because we are comparing the new house with the old house. If we can earn more than our neighbor, we will feel richer. At the same time, If we earn lesser than our neighbor, we will feel poorer. This is one of the root causes of our unhappiness. In short, our social status is an important factor which determines our happiness.

Sometimes our physical appearance also a key factor for our happiness or unhappiness. stopping the comparison is an important factor for the long lasting happiness.

Finally, we conclude that either happiness or unhappiness, everything is in our hands. We control our lives. We have to understand what is necessary and what is not. This is the path to the happiness. Let us live a ‘Happy life’

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