A few more tips for Happiness

A few more tips for Happiness


Our previous articles clearly show the importance of happiness in life. This article gives us more insights on developing a happier life.Let us jump into this articles for more tips.

Do not wait for the right moment to get motivated

 Songs have the power to motivate us. But not all songs do motivate, only few songs have the ability to motivate the listeners.The fact that we do not keep the songs which make us feel motivated while driving a car or travelling in a public transport.Nowadays, the current scientific advancements have brought us a lot of gadgets such as smart phones, iPads.
We can store the songs in the gadgets  to listen at our leisure time. Instead of getting motivated occasionally, we can keep the songs handy with us whenever we want to listen.This is how we can take control over our environment and we can make ourselves more focused and motivated.

Better Belief System

Building a good belief system is very important for living a happier and healthier life. Kumar is a school student who firmly believes that he couldn’t score more than eighty marks in mathematics.This belief makes him weaker and restrains him from securing more than eighty marks.What is wrong  with Kumar? Can he score more than eighty marks in mathematics? Yes, absolutely he can!
He needs some magical phrases to change his negative belief into a positive one, and this requires focus and hard work. In order to change his belief system he needs to set smaller goals which are easily achievable. By following this Kumar can score more marks in mathematics.So make note of your accomplishments and create your own track records that prove that you can motivate yourself.

Appreciate your own creativity

We believe that other people are more creative than ourselves. At the same time , we forget to figure out our creativity and talent.We strongly believe that all the creative works are original, but the fact is most of the creative works are modified form of the original works, and creativity has nothing to do with the originality.

Do not waste your time while you are on the roads

 We all know that increase in the number of vehicles accounts for more traffic on the roads. We spend a good amount of time waiting in the traffic, and at that time we simply stare other vehicles or curse the traffic.We can even make use of this waiting time for our personal growth. Now we have MP3 players, Mobile phone in our cars. And we can store audio books in the gadgets and listen while waiting in the traffic.By doing this we can make our time more useful and avoid the frustration of waiting in the traffic. Let’s start listening the audio books and use our time on roads fruitfully.

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