Want to be Happy?- 3 Killers of Happiness

Killers of Happiness

Tips for Happiness

In our previous article, we have seen different ways to reach long lasting happiness. In this article, we are going to see killers of Happiness. we all know that happiness is an emotion. There are many things which affect our happiness negatively. This article will help you understand the negative factors which kill our happiness.

 Unwanted thinking about many subjects

Most of us have a habit of thinking about unwanted subjects before going to sleep. It affects our sleep negatively. The quality of our sleep determines our happiness. It is a fact that the lack of sleep is the main reason for many mental diseases. Sleep is an important factor for one’s happiness. When we think about many subjects or problems before going to sleep, our brain works hard to find out a solution to that problem. On the other hand, we will lose our quality sleep. So it is always better to think about one problem or subject while lying down on the bed at night times. Not doing so will make you unhappy and meet a doctor for sleeping pills.


There are debates whether television is good or bad. Whatever the result be, it is always good to spend a little amount of time in front of the television. We are watching television every day. Most of the times we end up watching unwanted programs rather than watching our favorite programs. Psychologists have found that watching television robs our time.

 As a result, we could not use the time for our personal growth. So do not switch on the television without a need for watching it. Studies have also proven that spending more time in watching Television also affects our personal relationships. So try to spend very limited time in watching the television. It is the key to the happiness. Finally, spending time with our family and friends is the source of long lasting happiness. Why are you waiting? Enjoy with your family and friends.

 Being alone

 Every problem has a solution. But being alone will not give an opportunity to find the solution for our daily problems. We are social creatures.we can not be alone. We need to share our problems either to our close family members or to close friends to gain different views for finding the solution.

 For example, Kumar, an engineering graduate, has lost his degree certificate. He does not know how to get a duplicate copy of the certificate and feels very bad and he is not able to sleep well. At one point in time, he meets one of his school friends Sekhar and tells the whole story. Sekhar tells the procedure for getting a duplicate copy of the certificate. Now Kumar’s problem is solved and he lives happily ever after. So sharing our problems with family and friends will give a solution. Do not hide your problems. This is one of the best ways to reach happiness.

 The final conclusion is there are many factors which affect our happiness. Daily We should spend a little amount of time to remove those negative factors for a healthy living.

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