3 Building blocks of self development

Building blocks of self development

Self development



Speak positively

We know the benefits of thinking positively. But what is speaking positively? There is a big difference between thinking positively and speaking positively. This post will give you more insights on self-development.

Even though we think positively, often our words carry the negative meaning. We should overcome the habit of speaking negatively. For instance, you are studying for the final exam, one of your family members tells, “if you do not study well, you will fail in the exam”. Definitely, it will create a fear of failure in your mind. Instead of this, if the family member tells, “study well, you can succeed in the exam”, then You will feel a positive energy in your mind. Both of these sentences carry the same meaning. But the way of telling differs. So speaking positively gives us more constructive energy, and you always try to rephrase the words you speak, eventually, it will help you to reach the greater heights in your life.

Power of compromising

Compromising with other people is one of the indispensable stepping stones in the self-development process. In order to keep a healthy relationship, we should learn to compromise with the people involved in the conflict by reaching a common solution. Whenever a dispute, disagreement, the argument arises, it is vital to attain a compromise for keeping your relationship intact. At the same time, both the involved parties should be content at the end after reaching the compromise. Compromising is a pivotal quality in our life, it involves in giving up pride, arrogance, and egotism, and it will make us a modest and humble person.Let’s enjoy the power of compromising.

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Stopping Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the enemies of the self development. It stops us from accomplishing our goals. Setting and planning a goal is an easy task, but avoiding procrastination is a big challenge here. Procrastination makes us to find excuses for delaying the tasks for days and months. For instance, you start a task which can be completed in a day, but it will last for up to one week. Finishing your tasks within the given time will make us do some extra things. Eventually, procrastination kills the motivation which we built at the time of starting the task.

Hitherto we have seen the negative effects of procrastination in our life. To avoid this we need to follow few methods carefully. When you do a specific task, do concentrate on the particular task, and do not distract by the other tasks. Once you get distracted, you can not complete the task successfully, and also you can not give your complete effort to that task. So that we need to learn how to prioritize our goals. Make a list of urgent tasks and important tasks. Urgent tasks, as its name suggests, need urgent attention and should be completed promptly, and the important tasks require lesser attention than the former. In this way, we can prioritize and achieve our goals.

Until now we have seen the building blocks of the self development and these life qualities will make us a perfect person undoubtedly. Let’s use these building blocks to live a better life. If you like this article please share with your friends.

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