Want to be Happy?- 3 Killers of Happiness

Killers of Happiness

Tips for Happiness

In our previous article, we have seen different ways to reach long lasting happiness. In this article, we are going to see killers of Happiness. we all know that happiness is an emotion. There are many things which affect our happiness negatively. This article will help you understand the negative factors which kill our happiness.

 Unwanted thinking about many subjects

Most of us have a habit of thinking about unwanted subjects before going to sleep. It affects our sleep negatively. The quality of our sleep determines our happiness. It is a fact that the lack of sleep is the main reason for many mental diseases. Sleep is an important factor for one’s happiness. When we think about many subjects or problems before going to sleep, our brain works hard to find out a solution to that problem. On the other hand, we will lose our quality sleep. So it is always better to think about one problem or subject while lying down on the bed at night times. Not doing so will make you unhappy and meet a doctor for sleeping pills.


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Golden Ways To Reach Long Lasting Happiness – A Happiness Definition

  The Quest for Happiness


Happiness Definition


Happiness definition

Many studies have been conducted to find out what people think about the Happiness. Most of them answered that happiness comes from money, fame and reaching our goals. But their answers are far from the reality. Money, fame, and goals are external factors. They are nothing to do with determining our Happiness. Being happy is one of the milestones in self-development.

The first step to live a happy life is understanding of what is Happiness, and understanding of what is unhappiness. By identifying and removing the factors which make a person unhappy is important. In fact, there is no shortcut for the true Happiness. We have to do hard work to reach it.In short, Happiness is an emotion which has to be felt.

We will identify the important things which make us unhappy.


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